Youth Work Trip

We had another successful youth work trip this summer. Our plan was to join a Presbyterian Disaster Assistance project working to help people in the Houston area who were still recovering from hurricane Harvey last fall. Jess and Kurtis and I left for Texas on Saturday, July 28. It was two 12 hour days drive to Beaumont, Texas, about an hour from Houston. The St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Beaumont let us stay in their youth lounge while we were working. They were very kind. They checked in with us everyday, stocked the refrigerator with sandwich makings and invited us to dinner with their committee one evening.

Our work assignment was to work with the church’s project manager. As it turned out it was a case of the cobbler’s children. The project manager “Buzz” had spent months directing volunteer crews and helping with the repair of many other people’s homes, but had never quite had time to finish up his own home. We did finishing work in his home, doors, wainscoting, closet doors, baseboards, crown molding and caulking. We worked 8-4 Mon. through Wed. and 8-3 on Thursday. Buzz’s wife was recovering from a broken leg, but insisted on feeding us. She made fabulous lunches for us, pulled pork sandwiches, gumbo, spaghetti and one day breakfast burritos. We all learned new skills and felt as though we left the home in much better shape than when we arrived. Buzz and Barbara were very grateful for the progress we made.

One night we went to a state park and swam in the gulf and toured a nature area. Another evening we met Jess and Kurtis’ aunt and uncle and sons and friends for dinner near Houston.

We had an uneventful drive home Friday and Saturday. Jess and Kurtis both reported on their experience in worship on Sunday. They are both remarkable young people. It was great to have this experience together and to be able to help out people who are still struggling to put their lives back together after the hurricane last fall.