Ulman Cancer Runners

What a great time we had hosting the runners from the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults on June 27!  Lots of people brought food. We had planned on feeding them dinner and breakfast, but when we learned that they were running very early to beat the heat that turned into lunch, dinner and leftovers for breakfast. Sam spent time visiting with them and getting them around town. A special thank you to Karen and Jo who did most of the work coordinating and serving the meals . The runners slept at the church and since the weather report was a little milder they were able to sleep in until 5:30. They started the new day with a circle in the middle of 10th St. Many of them dedicated that day’s run to Karen and Jo. Sam ran the first leg with them and then ran back to the church and did some cleaning. The youth are cleaning the church this summer as a way to raise money for their mission trip so they came in Sunday evening and got things in good order.  What an impressive group of young people the runner are! Our prayers and best wishes go with them as they continue their run across the United States.


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