Thanksgiving Day

You may have noticed that it is not customary for Presbyterian Churches to worship together at the church on Thanksgiving Day (or Christmas Day for that matter.) There is an historical reason for this. In our tradition there have been two regular settings for worship. One is the church. The other is the Christian home. That means that when worship is not planned at the church we invite you to worship in your home. If you are not accustomed to this it may seems strange. Planning worship can seem intimidating to some. It doesn’t need to be like that. Many homes can say a blessing over a meal. It is now a common practice to go around the table giving each person the opportunity to express what they are grateful for. Singing or music is a regular part of many households, especially if young people are taking lessons. If worship in this setting seems strange to you then you might want to start before Thanksgiving Day to practice. Any family meal or a meal with friends who would appreciate this practice is a good setting. You might try it on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule or whatever works for your home. If you really need suggestions for this the pastor is more than happy to spend some time with you preparing.

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